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          Gao Jianmin, Head of Tongshan District of Xuzhou Investigated and Visited VV


          Company News

          On the morning of January 10th, Gao Jianmin, Deputy Secretary of Tongshan District Committee and District Head, and Qiu Jianwu, Deputy District Head, visited VV Group, along with several relevant department heads, to conduct in-depth research and gave working guidance. Yang Qidian, Chairman of VV Group accompanied the visit.

          Gao Jianmin and the delegation visited VV Industrial Park and Third Base, and looked over the flour production workshop, automatic stacking workshop, soybean milk powder and VV Energy Bar production workshop. In recent years, VV Group actively reacted to the nation’s call upon supply-side structural reform and strongly promoted the transformation. The group focused on the strengthening of main industry, and completed the layout of whole industrial chain of "Ecological agriculture, Great Industry and Outstanding Food”, and finally realized the industrial closed-loop from the field to the table.

          At the group's product exhibition center, Gao Jianmin encouraged the company to fulfill the responsibility of grain storage and security, as well as extend the industrial chain of grain products through implementing deep processing, so as to provide more high-quality and safe grain products for the market.

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